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Career and Advanced Study of Students after Graduation

The Degree, Bachelor of Arts (or Master of Arts/Doctor of Philosophy), is conferred upon graduation. Students will then be assigned to various prisons, detention centers, etc., which belong to the Ministry of Justice.
Any student who wants to pursue a further study may apply the permission to be enrolled in either master or Ph.D. programs in related areas.
As far as the issue of studying abroad is concerned, several universities in the United States, such as Florida State University, Indiana University, John Jay College, Michican State University, Sam Houston State University, Suny-Albany, and University of Maryland, have already established graduate school for Criminal Justice.
Sam Houston State University, as an example, offers both Master's and Ph.D. programs that includes theories of criminology, criminal correction, police administration, and community-based treatment, etc.  Its students come from various origins and backgrounds, some are from the academic circles and others are from work-related areas.  After their graduation the ones with Ph.D. degree may hold the post of a teacher or work in a private research organization.  However, most of the graduates may choose to work in the capacity of FBI, local police headquarters, correctional institutions, coastguard teams, or anti-narcotic forces.