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President Hsieh's Visit to 2013 Summer Internship Students of Chu-Shang Training Center

publish date : 2013-11-14
After the visit to Taoyuan County Police Bureau, President Hsieh visited 50 Fire Science students who were assigned to take practical training in Chu-Shang Training Center on July 19th 2013. The visiting group was led by President Hsieh including Dean of Academic Affair, Dean of Student Affair, Dean of General Affair, Director Huang of Fire Science Department, and Section Chief Chang of President Office. They got to Taichung at 9:30 by HSR and met with Director Huang of Training center and Miss Hsu.
Scheduled lesson for Internship students that day was "boats manipulating on a torrent and safety ensuring training", the training class was took place in Shui-Li River near Chu-Shang training center. President Hsieh and visitors went to to inspect their training practice and check their equipments to ensure safety at the training site.
After class, President Hsieh encouraged students to obtain seven related professional certifications during their study at CPU. Those professional trainings are important to fire fighting work after their graduation. Afterward, President Hsieh and others visited the training facilities. Director Hsiao gave a brief talk about integration direction between graduate school of Fire Science and Training center. The visit arrangement was very impressive. President Hsieh expressed the deepest appreciation to those who coordinated training programs.
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