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Minister of Interior Celebrated Central Police University 77th Anniversary Ceremony

publish date : 2013-11-14

On September 1, 2013, the 77th anniversary ceremony of Central Police University (CPU) was presided over by Minister of the Interior, Hong-yuan Lee with the 1700 attendees including legislator Li-Huan Yang, Deputy Commissioner of National Police Agency Chun-Chang Tsai, Commissioner of National Fire Agency Chi-Tang Yeh, Director of Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice Hsien-Chang Wu, students and faculty members.
During his address, Minister Lee noted that CPU alumni have done great performances; especially in public security systems including coast guard, fire-fighting, immigration and correction, and major leading cadres are consisted of alumni from CPU. In terms of disaster preventing in the future, CPU will also play key role. CPU education goals and missions will be more diverse as future challenges are unexpected. Lee also mentioned that the two newly established colleges, the Police Management College and Police Technology College have been approved by Administrative Yuan on August 6, 2013 and the two colleges are capable to promote the academic status and research abilities. The Institute of Disaster Preventing will also be established in the near future. Besides, the fire-fighting study, the disaster prevention study is also in urgent demand.
Moreover, Lee revealed that he received a positive respond from National Taiwan University (NTU) President Pan-Chih Yang about collaborating to establish a disaster prevention college. Principal Yang also promised to make the best effort on medicine, communication and management of disaster prevention and the support of research personnel. In the future, CPU and NTU will collaborate in disaster prevention study and the Zu-Shan base of National Fire Agency (NFA) will serve as the main training center, the largest disaster prevention base in Asia. The Minister also mentioned that this center will not solve disaster prevention issues in Taiwan, but also in our friendly nations nearby. Therefore, Taiwan can train the best disaster prevention crew in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Lee has also coordinated with Minister Chiang form Ministry of Education in order to sign an inter-ministry agreement to combine disaster prevention resources. Therefore, Lee specially expected CPU to play a key role in the field of training public security and disaster prevention.
After that, Lee noted that public security is one of the most crucial tasks since the public opinion toward the government mainly depends on whether the police service. Consequentially, Minister Lee wished police forces to finish their task of serving the public at their best. He mentioned according to the statistics data shows our public security is at the best in the past few years. However, whether the public feels safe or not, really depends on the police service. Therefore, Lee expected all of audience to understand that we have still a lot of things to improve.
Minister Lee emphasized the importance of free from corruption. While police faces various temptations inevitably, it is crucial to cultivate fine personal integrity by multi-methods approaches. He also encouraged students to set life goals to avoid getting lost. Meanwhile, students have to learn lessons from mistakes and try to establish great crisis management. Lifelong learning attitude can help CPU alumni to be professional public servants.
Lee mentioned specifically, as the impacts of globalization, global warming and other actors have made our environment changed dramatically, humans are facing more unexpected challenges. The content and programs of CPU education have to adjust accordingly and strengthen inter-discipline collaboration so that CPU graduates will have diverse development opportunities.
Finally, Minister Lee encouraged CPU faculty members and students to learn from alumni success stories. In the future, CPU has to reinforce the level of software and hardware, strengthen our specialties and exceed continuously to cultivate a more excellent academic level and to develop outstanding talents to make greater contributions to our country and the public.
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