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101 Crime Prevention Institute under the beginning of the school year activities table of contents

publish date : 2013-03-05
Central Police University institute of crime prevention beginning of the school year activities
Date: February 19, 102 years (b)
Venue: Teaching Building 1C classroom

Time Activity Name Remarks
08:30-09:00 reported to a registered
09:00-09:30 teachers and students REUNION the director: Zhou Wenyong teacher
09:30-11:30 Crime Research Center Academic Forum
Moderator: Professor Lin Jian Yang. Nordic concept of penalty vision: To investigate the
Finland's imprisonment Experience (Huafu)
Singapore prison visits Experience Sharing
(Li Ming wish)
United States Parole nature Study: Federal
Supreme Court Case Analysis (Lai owns even)
4 of corrective policies Prospects and Development
(Correction Department Director Wu Hsien Chang)
AC meals 11:30-13:30 dinner with teachers and students from the department office, Bo II and Master classes part-time adult students share the burden.
14:00-16:30 doctoral thesis draft was published
1: 95 Boban Fan Zhaoxing
Comment: Xie Wenyan teacher
Panelists: 100 Bo Tao-Hsin Tung
Game 2: 95 Boban Liguo Long
Comment: Xie Wenyan teacher
Panelists: 97 Bo Zhong Zhihong
Location: Academic Building 1C classrooms Master thesis proposal
Draft published
Time: 13:30 to 17:00
Location: Academic Building 2C classroom
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