The Second Information Communication Security Workshop in 2013

publish date : 2013-11-14
According to Computer-processed Personal Information Protection Act, the Classified National Security Information Protection Act and related laws such as Executive Yuan and other government's organization information safety management regulations, Computer Center held the information communication security workshop and promoted the faculties’ information security safety awareness.
The topic of this seminar is " general information security promotion " . This seminar contained " introduction to social engineering and protection " , " action to personal data protection " and " application and security of portable personal devices " . Participants had great interactions with lecturer and they acquired knowledge of computer virus threat and raise awareness of information safety. Furthermore, the lecture lets everyone understand the general information security responsibility at work.
Prevention is better than cure. In the future, our school would continuously to conduct a proper computer virus detection and prevention regulations and hold the information security education and training, in order to let faculties know the importance and potential risk of information security.